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Welcome to Buddha Body Yoga

Buddha Body Yougabecause every body ~~ even a large body! ~~ deserves the feeling of well-being that a yoga practice brings

Yoga increases flexibility, creates a feeling of well-being, changes movement and thought patterns, develops better proprioception, but is frankly often beyond the ability of most physically large, overweight or rotund people, or people with injuries. That’s where Buddha Body Yoga comes in.

The Essence of Buddha Body Yoga: Adjusting, Modifying, Adapting

In Buddha Body Yoga, we take standard yoga poses and adjust, modify, and adapt them so that larger, overweight or injured people are able to successfully practice. By using supportive yoga gear (bolsters, pillows, blocks, belts, yoga ropes, and physioballs) we allow people to gradually improve their alignment, tone, balance, and flexibility.

Why do Buddha Body Yoga?

Large people tend to be out of touch with their bodies. They may hide from their size, or try to ignore or disconnect from a body that has grown heavy, stiff, uncomfortable and often less able. Buddha Body Yoga helps you connect to your body. We help people find where their body parts are: hips, pelvic bone, coccyx, ribs, shoulders, feet and, most important, lungs and breath. We help you become aware of how you hold your weight, and how this affects your posture and comfort.

Can I Really Do This? Going with the Flow…

Vinyasa yoga is about going with the flow; moving from one pose to the next. This flow can be slow or difficult if your body cannot achieve the poses easily, especially if you have too much body and it gets in your way! By modifying the poses and using supports, belts, blocks and straps, Buddha Body Yoga allows the larger person to experience the pose without strain or difficulty. Once they are able to achieve the poses using these yoga devices we ease them from dependence on supports, eventually bringing them to a place where they can fully experience the flow, moving easily through the poses, some of which have been modified to accommodate the individual’s body shape and ability.

Achieving Relaxation for Large Bodies

Sivanada is a form of yoga based on a routine that you repeat over and over, thereby achieving a state of relaxation. The problem for the larger person is that they can experience difficulty learning the routine. A larger person often finds that routines developed for slender people are extremely difficult or impossible -- the larger person has too much body to maneuver around. In Buddha Body Yoga, we modify the poses so that the student’s own body is no longer an obstacle. Once the student finds a way to achieve the poses and perform the routine, they begin to develop confidence and it becomes easier and more comfortable for them. True relaxation can be achieved through Buddha Body Yoga.

The Gift of Buddha Body Yoga

The benefits of an appropriate and well-tailored yoga practice are manifold, and they are especially valuable to someone whose body has become large and unwieldy, or who experiences body pain or discomfort. People with body challenges can benefit from improvements in body posture, flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, joint range of motion, balance, and improved weight bearing. Buddha Body Yoga will benefit you in all these ways and, perhaps most importantly, will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are truly caring for your body.

(prō'prē-ō-sěp'shən) The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body

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